Do you need the best dental treatment to get a healthy bite and to improve your oral teeth health and smile? Richmond Dental Clinic has an experienced team of orthodontist surgeon who are specialized in the diagnosis, correction, and prevention of bad bites. We are the best orthodontist in Nigeria who help you get a correct bite by properly aligning opposing teeth against opposing jaw or merely straightening your teeth to improve your facial appearance and oral structure of teeth & your mouth. Having a proper bite means you find it very easy to bite, chew, and speak, which will improve your overall confidence in real life.

What is Orthodontics?

It is a dentistry procedure designed to deal with malocclusion. In this health condition, when a patient closes his mouth, then his teeth are not correctly aligned, and this results in a bad bite scenario. Our orthodontists are specialized in advance treatment of malocclusion which will improve the patient confidence, smile and bad bite.

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